Command and control

Sophisticated reporting and dashboards can be created using real-time data, even from data scanned in on paper forms. SATIS is based on the Xenplate technology, which allows rapid configuration of the platform to produce a new software system to meets a very wide variety of requirements.

L2S2 can customise the basic SATIS framework to meet the specific requirements of individual customers to ensure that the information needed to control a site is available instantly. However, no software programming knowledge is required, should customers wish to customise the system themselves.

SATIS Tally is an extension of SATIS that enables the real-time locations of persons and assets to be monitored as they around and both on and off the site. It enables alerts to be set up to ensure that problems are identified as they occur and so that resources can be instantly deployed to resolve problems.

For more information on SATIS Tally, please visit the dedicated website here

For more information go to the SATIS Tally website