Control of persons

SATIS Tally extends SATIS by allowing the location and movement of persons and assets to be tracked in real time.
A wristband or QRcode is given to the person or asset to be tracked. This can be scanned using either a SATIS Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a tablet, or an iPhone or iPad. Once scanned, their location is known and their status can be entered.

Scan the barcode on the ID wristband or asset label. The device (iPhone, iPod etc) is pre-assigned to the location.

Enter details and save. This screen is configurable so the information to be collected can be customised.

The ID and the details entered are uploaded to the Command and Control servers. The number of people at each location is instantly updated.

Real-time Control and Command dashboard allows the site to be managed. Thresholds can be set to provide alerts. When numbers at a location go over the thresholds, that location will change colour on the dashboard.

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